stockhamhof kleinarl

STockhamHOF IN kleinarl

Organic since the beginning

Stockhamhof is located at the bottom of the valley, at the entrance to Kleinarl. The buildings are idyllically situated in a free location slightly above the village. The Gwehenberger family has managed the farm since 1994 according to the high biological standards of Bio Austria. Christoph Gwehenberger took over the farm from his parents in 2011 and converted it into a modern farm with the highest standards of animal welfare. Christoph is one of the three organic pioneers and co-founder of Bio aus dem Tal.

Milk and meat
Stockham is one of the milk suppliers for the Bio aus dem Tal dairy workshop. Further products include beef and pork organic meat. North of Stockham is the small, local slaughterhouse and cold store for regional meat production in the valley - without animal transport.


Guests welcome all year round
The second source of income is holidays at the farm. At Stockham, apartments for 2 to 8 people are rented to holiday guests all year round. On the mountain side of the farm is the climbing world, the adventure land and the starting point for many hiking tours from Hof. The children have great fun in the natural swimming pond.

In winter, the practice meadow and the entrance to the ski area are within easy walking distance. Individualists and friends of free camper life are offered pitches in winter.



Christoph Gwehenberger

Stockhamweg 5
5603 Kleinarl

Tel: +43 6418 225